God’s supposed State by Sammy Sage Hassan

America has a problem
America is the problem
America the pied piper seducing the children of the world with eerie sounds of music banging out of gramophones straight out of a 20s movie
Blowing strange commands on trumpets and trombones
Sounds of war
Issuing strange marching orders
To warriors unwilling and paralyzed with fear overladen with stress
Singing tales of foreign woes crudely fueled with stolen PMS
Selling industrialized dreams
Of men in spaceships
Rocketed into other worldly bodies emptied of soul
Satellite mass cocooned in a shell of gases and bad air
A whiff of which alienates a person
Steals your humanity and makes your dream a sudden inescapable nightmare
America has a problem
America is the problem
But that's great America is a master of the fix-it philosophy
We can do it
Impossible is nothing
It's not over until it's over
The best you
The world is yours
Everything is yours
How to negotiate anything
New age religion and self help dynamics mixed with eastern mysticism for good effect
And if self hypnotism won't work then hey let the pharmacological industry come up with a cure
Nothing chemistry can't solve
Afterall the world's money is sunk and sinking in this ship
All hands on deck
Aye captain
So if there's a problem we throw money at it
Or we throw drugs at it
And if these don't work then we throw bombs at it
And then we claim we threw creativity at it
When all you do is faff and huff and puff about it
Singing and living crass
Inner city blues
Reflections of a
Many hued flag
Downsides of
Typhoons and hurricanes and tornadoes
Nature’s power and wrath can't tame you

Hip hop is the ghetto-fication of the world by America
Where inner city dreams and nightmares of thugs and poets are hoisted on the back of black kids in Africa with no dreams of their own
Only borrowed dreams
And yellow kids in Asia with little need for dreams for their fantasies are fulfilled in game boy and toys built in sweatshops
The American media is a master of deception and contortion
Where facts become fiction and fiction is turned into facts
Business has become a mad rush for money
Religion is a circus
Politics is war and debauchery
A nation high on pharmaceuticals
Beaming it's inconsistencies via satellite
Interrupting republics and intercepting cultures
Ravishing civilisations
America land of the brave
Or so they say
Country of commerce
Worshippers of Mammon
The money god
Engorged with food made in labs
Nothing more important than knowing about carbs
No not the millions starving in war-torn, famine-ravaged so-called third world
Or the economic woes of the Mexican poor
Or Syria destroyed by fundamental crap
Let's destroy and build
Let our movies celebrate death and destruction
And love
No scratch that and sex
And money
Let the daughters of niggers dance naked in music videos so we can fuel the universal orgy we have propagated
Let's fuck the world
With our bacons and batons
Policing the world as we
Rape and plunder
Plunge ourselves in anally
Seminally bankrupting the scholarships of better societies
America has a problem
America is the problem